Indonesia Mengglobal Mentorship Program 2021 FAQ (English)


FAQ: Indonesia Mengglobal Mentorship Program 2021

  1. When is the application period? What is the general timeline of the overall process?

As we understand that mentorship involves a special partnership between two people based on each party’s commitment to the mentoring process, common goals and expectations, we will conduct a rigorous assessment prior to the initiation of the mentee-mentor relationship, which details can be found as follows:

Application Period5 April – 9 May 2021VV
Round 1: Screening Round17 May – 28 May 2021V
Round 1: Screening Round Results31 May – 6 June 2021V
Round 2: Interview Round & Aptitude Assessment7 June – 25 June 2021V
Round 2: Interview Round & Aptitude Assessment Results27 June – 4 July 2021V
Pairing Round5 July – 25 July 2021VV
Result Announcementby first week of August 2021VV
Mentorship PeriodAugust-October 2021VV

2. Why is there an Aptitude Assessment for this year’s application process? 

Based on the previous years’ experiences, Indonesia Mengglobal has learned that profile screening and interviews alone may not be sufficient to indicate potential candidates’ readiness to pursue higher studies (i.e. poor interview performance that is resulted by verbal expression barriers instead of limited ability, aspirations, and commitment). With the best interest of our mentees in mind, an aptitude assessment is, therefore, launched this year in order to provide a more equal opportunity for mentee applicants to be included in the program and to get connected to our network of highly-capable mentors.

  1. Who are eligible to apply as a mentee?

Every Indonesian Citizen who aspires to pursue his/her further studies (i.e. Masters, Doctorate Studies, or other relevant postgraduate programs) overseas and is committed to submitting at least 1 (one) application to a university outside of Indonesia in the year 2021-2023.

  1. What are the requirements for mentees to apply?
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0 – please adjust to different scales accordingly
  • Documents to be prepared:
    • CV/resume – not longer than 2 pages
    • Four essay questions, in relation to:
      • What your future goal is (related to your future studies),
      • How you think this mentorship would help you,
      • What steps have you taken to demonstrate that you are well-prepared for university admission,
      • What else do you want us to know more about you for further consideration
    • Relevant Certificate(s) of accomplishment
  • Relevant language skills are preferred, i.e. for English Speaking Target Universities: IELTS ≥ 6.5 or TOEFL iBT ≥ 79, HSK 4 and above for Mainland China Universities, etc.
  • Other relevant test scores (i.e. GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT for Business, STEM, Law and Medical studies respectively) are preferred
  • Commitment to follow Indonesia Mengglobal Mentorship Program’s rules and schedules
  • Be open and honest on goals, expectations, challenges, and concerns. Commit to self-development and open to discuss individual development planning with the mentor.
  • Assume responsibility for acquiring or improving skills and knowledge – actively listen and ask questions, prepare for meetings and come with an agenda, etc.
  1. How is the general application process like for a potential mentee?
  • Potential mentees are required to complete an online form, which can be found here.
  • For mentee, once online form is completed, the supporting documents must be submitted to within the application period. (Subject = [Mentee Applicants] First Name, Last Name_Supporting Documents)
  • Selected mentees applicants will be notified by email, and subsequently, will be called up for an interview and to complete an aptitude test, which details will be elaborated in the acceptance email.
  • Successful mentee applicants who succeed in both the interview and aptitude test will be further notified via email, according to the schedule described above.
  1. Who are eligible to apply as a mentor?
  • Every Indonesian who
    • is a (non-exchange) current student at a postgraduate program at any university outside of Indonesia, and/or
    • is a (non-exchange) alumnus of a university outside of Indonesia who (preferably) have completed postgraduate studies. An alumnus with more than 5 years of experience outside academia (i.e. work) will not be considered.
  • Individual who is committed to staying accessible and engaged, to offer encouragement through genuine positive reinforcement, and to be a positive role model during the length of the mentorship program.
  • Individuals with mentorship experience is preferred, but not compulsory


  1. What are the requirements for mentors to apply?
  • Completion of the provided google form — Your latest CV/Resume can serve as an important reference to save time when completing the google form.
  • A preferred GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0, although other experience(s) may qualify.
    • For example, mentors who have grades below cut-off, but managed to get relevant work experience in a top tier company, published a significant paper, launched his or her own startup, covered in a recognized publication, or other achievements will still be considered.
  • Compulsory essays to be prepared & submitted:
    1. What is your motivation to apply as a mentor for the Indonesia Mengglobal Mentorship Program 2021?
    2. Our mentees have a chance to choose who their top mentors are based on the mentors’ application forms submitted. Please explain why you would be a great mentor for them and how committed you are to help mentees in all aspects of their school application.
  • Commitment to follow Indonesia Mengglobal Mentorship Program’s rules and schedules


  1. How is the general application process like for a potential mentor?
  • Potential mentors are required to complete an online form, which can be found here (same as above).
  • Mentor’s profile will be assessed and assigned according to mentee’s profile. Mentors who have successfully been matched with a mentee applicant will be further notified via email, according to the schedule described above.
  • While Indonesia Mengglobal will try its best to match the relevant mentors to the respective mentees, mentors will not be included in the mentorship program in the event that no mentees are suitable for relevant pairing (see no. 9).


  1. How will the mentees and mentors be paired?
  • The final mentee-mentor pair will be determined based on both the mentee’s and mentor’s preference.


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