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    Berikut adalah testimoni para mentee yang mengikuti Program Mentorship Indonesia Mengglobal tahun 2015:

    I can say that Indonesia Mengglobal (IM) Mentorship Program is the first entity which gave me a big picture of how to prepare myself in order to win the “university admission battlefield”. I learned many things from both IM and my Mentor during this program such as how to collect important information about admission requirement and how to manage that information. My mentor also became a great first-draft-reviewer of my motivation letter (which is tremendously important). I’ve got many benefits from this program. High appreciation to IM for being a part of the incredible journey towards my dream. It’s a blessing for me to become a part of the IM Mentorship Program 2015. Keep up the great work!

    – Abd Gafur

    Preparing graduate school application is by no means an easy task. To this end, I simply can’t thank my mentor and everyone at Indonesia Mengglobal enough for the IM-Mentorship program. Their helps have paved my way to get accepted to my top-choice school. I am truly fortunate to be part of this program and looking very much forward to help aspiring Indonesian students wishing to pursue graduate studies.

    – Andyan D

    Through IM mentorship program’s assignments and mentoring sessions, I received a lot of helpful guidance to prepare my application materials far ahead of time. I received a lot of insightful information about the schools in the US, including their clubs, courses, internship & post-study opportunities, and tips on how to make a good resume and build essays. I also had a chance to visit one of the schools during which my IM mentor gave me a tour and connected me to some of current students. Furthermore, this program had helped me focus on areas that really mattered and helped me plan my time better. It was a really great experience with IM overall and I think it would have been a much more complicated process requiring much more time invested otherwise.

    – Ariani

    The personal assignments were very helpful to guide me to explore the best of me which is needed for essay writing and CV. In addition, the mentees were enriched with numerous tips in preparing Master’s application through group assignments.

    The best impression during this program is the mentor have improved me in how to make an eye-catching essay. He opened my eyes that my essay draft was boring and my language was too monotonous. I always remember the tips to not make an essay sound like CV and to not put too much information which is already stated in the CV. It is better to focus on all potentials and try to elaborate each of them with one or two experiences/achievements. Thanks to my mentor, Daniel Prasetyo. He is now one of the awardees of European Joint Masters Program in Management and Engineering of Environment and Energy (ME3) in Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain; Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom; Ecole des Mines de Nantes, France.

    – Brian Christiantoro

    Once, I thought it was rather impossible for me to be accepted into a UK university since I failed in my first attempt. I had no idea how should I improve my application. I am an employee who has left university for almost 2 years and lost my ability to make academic essay. Fortunately, I got an email from my senior sent in a yahoo group which introduced me to Indonesia Mengglobal and found that registering myself to join IM was my very best decision. IM introduced me with Brian, my Mentor, Phd student of the University of Oxford. As a mentor, he had help me a lot to complete all documents: Essay, Resume, Recommendation Letter, and I clearly knew what went wrong in my last application and found a way out to improve it. All I can say is that Brian was a very reliable mentor and I am very grateful to meet him. In his busy days, he always kept pushing me to complete the applications before the university timeline and it worked! I got 2 conditional letters from UK universities. In this occasion, I want to say huge thanks to IM team and my mentor Brian for all of your supports. It is an honor to be a part of this mentorship.

    – Chrisna

    The mentorship program helped me a lot in preparing for my applications. I learned more about brainstorming ideas and structuring my essays. Not only that, your mentor and the program really help you in keeping things on track and ensuring you are on the right track. Very happy to have learned from the best. Indeed, this is a highly recommended program. You’ll be in great hands, don’t worry 😉

    – Diah Pratiwi

    Kak Ray Hervandi has been very helpful throughout my school application process. His knowledge and wisdom has been a great help and support for me. Given his busy schedule, I know that it was not always easy or convenient for him to work with me, and yet he gave his time, knowledge, and patience generously. As a result of his expertise and guidance, I have a much deeper understanding of my study and future career. I have learnt a great deal from him, and his involvement has helped me in a variety of ways.

    – Dyah

    I wanted to be part of the IM Mentor Program to get a perspective from someone who is already studying overseas and can share information about scholarship with other mentees. My objective is to study overseas to pursue master program. My mentor helped me understand every interview process, and guided me to make great resume and statement of purpose. She also gave me plenty of resources including online blogs that are all great self-improvement tips. She really helped me to prepare all of the requirements. Besides that, she also reviewed my assignments and gave clear suggestions to improve my quality. What is more, the group discussion with other mentees gave more information about the advantages and disadvantages from each scholarship, so I could choose one that was more suitable for me. I would recommend the IM Mentor Program to anyone because it is good to know people only a few years older than you and learn from their experiences. I’ve been given some incredible advice from my mentor and know anyone who has done the program can attest to this. In this occasion, I want to express my deepest gratitude to my mentor, Dian Anggraini. I truly appreciate and value everything I have learned from her. I really look forward to the day I can do the same for someone else.

    – Erly Sintya

    I am really grateful to be one of mentees in this program. Through the learning process from my mentor and all assignment materials, I can prepare my school applications in timely manner. The guidance was provided in a very detailed way and I relied on it a lot during the preparation. This is the opportunity of a life time! I hope that more young Indonesians contribute in this program development. Thank you for your support, dear Indonesia Mengglobal team!

    – Ester

    Participating in the IM Mentorship Program 2015 was an enriching and eye-opening experience for my graduate school application. Comprehensive assignments and guidance are well-prepared to help mentees preparing not only university but also scholarship applications. Moreover, I was really grateful to paired with Arfinandi, my exceptional mentor, who always listens to my concern, gives me valuable insight, and shares with me his experience and wisdom.

    – Fajar Prihantoro

    Joining with IM’s Mentorship Program is really an impactful experience in my career. This program is designed very well to guide its mentees on preparing their overseas study, both for the aplication and the scholarship. In my opinion, The way the program succeed is through a synergy of three important factors: well-crafted curriculum, experienced mentors, and great collaborative environment among mentees. Systematically and effectively, as mentees we will be driven and enriched with guidance materials, assignments, and also inspiring talks that will open our mind and train us on how to prepare for our future study. The mentors are experienced and greatly supportive, providing the mentees with significant discussion and supervision as well as providing the control for on time execution of all tasks :) Lastly, our learning experience as a mentee will be embellished by diverse ideas and motivation of our partners in this program. It is such a very nice experience to collaborate with accomplished people who have similar visions.

    I strongly encourage all Indonesian Scholars who plan to continue their study this year to participate in IM’s Mentorship Program 2016 Campaign and I truly hope all of you will be the next person who will get enormous benefits from this great event.

    – Fenryco Pratama

    Being chosen as one out of 30 mentees in Indonesia to join this mentorship program from Indonesian Mengglobal has helped me believe in myself that I would be able to be accepted as student abroad in a school I’ve been dreaming of. Not only did I get insightful stories from my mentor, but she and the Indonesia Mengglobal Mentorship Program Team have been the best support system that I have in my application period. Thank you Citta and the team for helping to get me accepted to my dream university!

    – Herdiani Subagyo

    Being a mentee in Indonesia Mengglobal gave me more confidence to apply to a master program abroad. Indonesia Mengglobal is the best place to explore yourself. There were a lot of tasks and details which had me concerned about my master application. I not only learned to prepare my application, but also improved my English, met new friends, and also got a comprehensive perspective to broaden my study plan. Also, you will be guided by a dedicated mentor who is ready anytime you need help about an admission application. I was mentored by doctor candidate from TU Delft. She helped me (almost) in every single application. I feel grateful to be an Indonesia Mengglobal mentee. :)

    – Immanuel Sanka

    My experience in IM Mentorship Program has been more gratifying than I could have expected. So many mentors prepared nice sessions of their great experiences. They also took extra time to help me with graduate school applications and encouraged me to study in the best schools I want.

    – Intan Cheria

    Indonesia Mengglobal Mentorship Program has provided many benefits for me, especially in the preparation of master program and scholarship applications. I met Gilang, a great mentor who guided me so well to write a good motivation letter, resume, study plan, and finished all requirements. Thank you for being my friend and best mentor with your detailed review. Furthermore, I also joined the G-Scholars group which consisted of amazing members. Thank you Gulo, Sanka, Erly, Brian, and Satria for the unforgettable experiences. In sum, this mentorship program was very useful and meaningful ! Last but not least, thank you Martin and team for all the hard work. So, what are you waiting for ? Let’s join 2016 Mentorship Program!

    – Janu Muhammad

    You will leave full of confidence whatever the result of your application!!! I personally enjoyed thoroughly this inspiring experience to not only reflect about school strategy, but also discover one’s hidden potential and future possibility, and then transform it gradually into one SOLID preparation. I’m so thankful for the excellent mentor, material and facilitation during IM Mentorship, which help me to receive an offer from world’s-number-one design school!

    – Larasati

    IM mentorship program is a golden opportunity for anyone who is preparing her grad school applications. It’s a collective spirit from everyone who really want to help you succeed; an inspiring mentor who will share every knowledge he knows, the great IM team who will always be there giving you unbelievable support, and the driven peers who will spread the contagious spirit. The skills you’ll learn during three intensive months including how to identify your potentials, make a resume and write an essay, and the support everyone will always have for you will eventually make you closer to your dream schools. Be ready because it’ll be the best three months in your life!

    – Leni Purwaningsih

    Terima kasih banyak untuk Indonesia Mengglobal team yang telah membuat IM Mentorship Program 2015. Dengan mengikuti program ini proses persiapan saya mendaftar di kampus Amerika menjadi lebih terarah. Program ini mengajarkan hal-hal teknis dan konseptual dari mulai bagaimana membuat personal statement hingga cara membuat CV yang cocok untuk jurusan yang dituju. Mentor nya pun memberikan informasi dan sharing pengalaman yang berharga mengenai professor ataupun kampus-kampus dengan culture dan style tertentu sehingga aplikasi yang saya ajukan pun menjadi lebih matang. Selain itu, saya mendapatkan bantuan 200 USD untuk proses aplikasi ini. Sekali lagi terima kasih untuk IM Mentorship Program 2015 dan terima kasih juga untuk mentor saya Artricia Rasyid yang telah memberikan saya pengalaman berharga mengenai proses aplikasi ke kampus di Amerika :)

    – Lexi Z. Hikmah

    Getting an admission offer from my dream university is beyond my imagination and the IM program really made it came true. Thank you IM for assigning a mentor who 100% matches me. He is totally helpful and cooperative. I got clear pictures and directions not only on the application process but also on the campus life from my mentor. I also was encouraged to prepare and arrange all application documents perfectly. Once again, thank you IM!

    – Marcella S.

    IM Mentorship Program is really beneficial to help me prepare for my application to study abroad. The mentors are top-notch and very kind. They have been through the same situation before so they know exactly what we need. Besides that, the tasks that they gave really help a lot when it comes to writing essay or choosing the best program that fits my need. Moreover, you could find other people who share the same dream as you. I really recommend you to join this program if you want to study abroad next year!

    – Muhammad Fajrin

    This mentorship program has helped me grow tremendously. The assignments molded our application to meet the standards of our target universities. One of the best benefits of this program was to be paired up with highly qualified mentors, especially my mentor Ms. Tsani Fauziah. She reviewed my assignment with extremely detailed inputs that you can see how much my essays transformed. She also provided me with advice and guidance that can be applied not only to my application but also my future study and careers. I would like to express a huge gratitude to my mentor, Mr. Martin Tjioe, the Chair of Indonesia Mengglobal Mentorship Program 2015 and IM team for giving me this life-changing opportunity.

    – Muhamad Iqbal

    IM really helps me to prepare myself for school admission. The given assignments helped me make progress and gave me useful insight for my master degree admission process. My mentor is also very friendly and provides many invaluable advice throughout the admission process. She is truly helpful and care about my success in this admission. Interaction with other mentees are also important because it can keep you motivated to pass this long journey. I am really glad to get a chance to join this program and I would recommend everyone who wants to pursue a postgraduate degree overseas to join this program.

    – Nanda Firdaus

    Indonesia Mengglobal Mentorship Program made university application, which might seem daunting at first, structured and guided. From brainstorming to writing personal statements, the program ensured that I prepared most parts of my application long before the deadline, giving me ample time to revise my application. Furthermore, detailed feedback given from my mentors, Agus and Veni, allowed me to rethink certain aspects of my application and definitely helped me refine my essays. The Chair of the mentorship program, Martin, in addition to my mentors, also took his time to personally share his experience to let me know more about the different opportunities available. All in all, Indonesia Mengglobal Mentorship Program certainly contributed to my success in this university application process.

    – Richard

    The IM Mentorship has equipped me with the right skillset in pursuing my goals for studying abroad. It provides a staggering platform for the participants, quality mentors, and full dedication by its members. Beyond that, through IM I’ve been admitted to 8 universities (top 50-150th) across United Kingdom.

    – Rico Nugrahatama

    I can say this is one of the most comprehensive mentorship program I’ve ever met. Although the program is built on distant-learning concept, you will be fully-guided along your journey to enter your desired master/doctoral program, starting from selecting the right schools, preparing your CVs, drafting and brainstorming your motivation letters, preparing for IELTS, sharing session with successful campus/scholarship applicants, and so on. You will even get funding for campus application fee – this is really cool for me. Preparing for admission to university is not an easy task, yet it’s not impossible to be managed. I personally felt so helped with this program, as I am not the type of an organized person. The tasks and guidance from IM Mentorship Program ‘forced’ me to be an organized person, thus this effectively leveraged my possibility to be accepted in desired campuses. I am grateful that now I have been accepted in MSc program of Delft University of Technology, and I managed to secure LPDP scholarship to fund my master program as well. Highest gratitude to the IM team who made this great program!

    – Satrio Wicaksono

    Preparing for graduate study was daunting for me. IM mentorship program provides an environment to carve a specific pathway to get there. With insightful support from my mentor, I went through an exciting process of sketching my application, and at the same time growing my confidence.

    I personally found the extensive assignment guided my logical framework to know where to start, what to do, and how feedback could upgrade the way I present myself to school admission team. The scholarship offered by this program was an ease upon my financial burden on starting my application process. It was tremendously helpful!

    As a result, I got accepted to several top universities across the globe. Thank you, Indonesia Mengglobal Team, for making this happened!

    – Shofi Awanis

    I am so happy to be part of the IM mentorship program. It helped me a lot in preparing my application for my master’s studies as I never submitted such applications before. I like the design of this program. It not only gave me tips and trick on preparing the application, but it also required me to do a series of assignments so that I could learn further about my options and thus, I was able to choose to apply to the ones that best served my need and interest. The combination of learning promoted through others’ experience and learning by doing enables me to understand better how to make a good application that could stand out among others. I hope this program can be maintained and improved so that it can reach and benefit more Indonesians. I also thank the donors for their generosity to help me and other mentees financially. Thank you for this opportunity, IM!

    – Sorang Saragih

    I am so grateful for IM and its volunteers. I have been able to get accepted to my dream school after the intensive preparation that I had with my mentor. The mentoring has helped me organize my plan to apply for schools in the US and Europe, starting from the assignment to research for schools, funding, CV and also statement of purpose. Despite my mentor’s unfamiliarity with my subject, my statement of purpose was checked by my mentor back and forth so many times through email for weeks. For this I want to thank my mentors Yuhanes Dedy and also Martin Tjioe for their guidance.

    – Waskito J

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