Dylan Amirio: Shooting a video feature on Indonesian literature foundation

Know what you can do, and live it!

One’s choice of university majors and career often don’t match. If you’re currently agonizing about this discrepancy, you’re not alone. Here’s the story of Dylan…

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American Born Indonesian Story in the East Coast

American Born Indonesian Story in the East Coast

Editor’s Note: Stories and perspectives are the results of various events that happened in different upbringings, which eventually shape one’s life. This time, Indonesia Mengglobal…

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Rama Adityadarma, Alumni University of Melbourne

Jangan Hiraukan Kata Sukses!

Mempunyai pilihan karir yang tidak sesuai dengan stigma kesuksesan yang diadopsi khalayak ramai merupakan keluhan yang seringkali diucapkan oleh para millenials. Rama Adityadarma mengulik kata…

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Permata Indwita Setia Putri, a Melbourne University graduate

Unleashing Indonesia’s True Potential: Is it Possible?

The question of whether to return home after studying abroad or to stay in a foreign country with seemingly better opportunities always wanders the mind…

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