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Jourdan graduated from Wesleyan University as an Indonesian Freeman Scholar with a major in Government & a interdisciplinary Certificate in International Relations. He was the first Public Policy & International Affairs Fellow from Indonesia to spend a summer intensive public policy program at Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public & International Affairs. While at Wesleyan, he spent 6 months adventuring in the Middle East and a couple of months in Kunming, China. Jourdan Hussein is now a public policy professional at the President's Delivery Unit in Indonesia, with a main responsibility of managing Indonesia's co-chairmanship of Open Government Partnership (OGP), particularly in strategizing Indonesia’s leadership to catapult OGP as a new global multilateral movement that seeks to transform the way countries govern and engage their citizens. Jourdan also has diverse portfolios ranging from urban transportation issues to bureaucracy reform and good governance to gender equality. He is also currently co-designing with several friends a new social initiative to be launched in Summer 2013 named "SabangMerauke" - an exchange program within Indonesia to promote acceptance of diversity, higher education, and the spirit of Indonesian-ness among Indonesian youth.

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